Thuya Violet Black

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The Violet Black tint offers a very intense tone. It’s ideal to all types of people, both blondes and brunettes.


KERATIN: Keratin is the main component of the skin’s external layer. Its main functions are to strengthen and repair. Furthermore, it provides resistance, impermeability and shine.

DOUBLE ACTION: Thuya’s eyebrow and eyelash tint is the only double action formula, since it provides colour and treatment in just one application. Thanks to its active ingredients, it acts on hair as a cosmetic treatment by strengthening, repairing and providing hydration.

ARGAN OIL: It hydrates and restores smoothness to hair. It is instantly absorbed by the hair and repairs, nourishes, and provides a silky, youthful and healthy appearance. Thanks to its properties, it improves elasticity and flexibility.

ACTIVE COLOR: A formula developed to achieve better results with an intense and long-lasting colour.

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