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Vegan, Toxic Free, Cruelty free, Animal free, Oder Free, Glue and Resin Free, Doesn't require Soak Off! 

Decorate your nails with beautiful patterns and stunning designs with MoYou London's Gel Nails Semi-cured Gel Wraps!

✦  Amazing nails in seconds. 

✦  Each box comes with 20 individual nail wraps with different widths to adapt to your nails + nail file + orange stick.

✦  Requires UV/LED Lamp to cure the nails.

✦  MoYou London Gel Nail Wraps last up to 3 weeks!

✦  Easy to apply and remove.

✦  Perfect for holidays, weddings, special events, or your everyday life!

With MoYou London Gel Nail Stickers you can get fresh-looking nails without visiting the nail salon or spending hours designing your nails.

How to apply the nail wraps:

1) Wash your hands with soap and make sure your cuticles are pushed back.

2) Wipe your nails with acetone to remove any oil and let them dry.

3) Open your MoYou London Nail Wrap and take out the contents.

4) Select the right size for each of your nails and cuticle shape.

5) Place the wrap close to the cuticle without touching it.

6) Press down onto the nails firmly to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.

7) Trim the excess of the wrap with scissors or nail clippers.

8) File the excess for a smooth finish.

9) Make sure the wraps do not exceed your nail length.

10) Using MoYou London UV/LED lamp cure the wraps for 60 seconds (it may take longer).

How to remove the nail wraps:

The removal process doesn't require soak off. 

1) Apply nail acetone around the edge of the wraps.

2) Wet the stick in acetone and use it to lift the wrap gently and slowly off your nail.

3) Use a cotton pad with acetone to clean your nails.



✦  If you notice one of the nail wraps won't fit your nail, you can strech it gently before applying it.

✦  Avoid water contact during the first hour after curing your nail wraps.

✦  You can stamp over the wraps!

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